I gave a riding lesson this past weekend to a little girl on my paint mare Fergie. Fergie is an extremely sweet and patient mare. She’s smooth at the trot and uncomplicated to ride, although she’s much more crooked at the canter than I’d like but I know that this is my fault, but that’s another post.

Anyway….the uncle of the little girl was watching me longe her on Fergie at the trot and commented on how her head bobs while sitting. He asked me “how do we stop that”?

I stopped Fergie and went up to the little girl and told her that when she is trotting she has to pretend she had no bones and has a belly full of jelly. I sent Fergie back out on the circle and they started trotting. Voila! No head bobbing! She was absorbing all the bounce from Fergie’s trot in her neck instead of in her core. I love it when a simple change has a big impact and can be so easily seen.

Do you have any buzz words or simple changes that create big impact for your rides or your students?


Fergie and I a couple years ago.