I am not sure if it’s the fact that it’s Spring or if it’s just me personally but I have been crawling out of my skin at my day job lately. Distracted, cranky and inspired to goof off. I have been listening to podcasts like Horses In The Morning (b/c it’s acceptable at work) and daydreaming about a job working with horses full time. It has been a dream of mine since I started riding 10 years ago. The saddest part is that for once in my life I am taking home a decent paycheck at a job I enjoy for the most part and yet I just want out! I know I won’t be able to support myself working horses alone. Even if I teach zumba and work horses as much as possible I don’t see it equally my take home pay at my job. My fiance said we could make it work but we are planning on building a house and leaving my regular job would push that out even farther and make it more difficult. Adulting sucks! haha

I know I’m not alone. I know several horsey people or zumba people that would trade it all to do what they love full-time but know how hard it would be to survive. Bummer huh!