You get what you pay for….maybe…maybe not…

I posted this below on my Facebook page a few days ago and got a pretty big response:

The reason my yoga and other classes are so inexpensive is because I think EVERYONE should be able to do them if they want to. I don’t believe yoga should only be practiced by the wealthy and no one should go broke going to a class. I’d rather everyone feel like they can afford class and feel welcome in my class than have just a couple who can pay more.

You are not getting a lessor experience because you are only paying a few dollars. You are actually getting more because you are in a class with someone who cares so much more about you than the money.

I will say that I am very fortunate to be able to use class space for free basically. I have low overhead and I have another full time job and other side work to pay my bills. I know in some areas independent instructors, like myself, have to pay rent or have to split their income just to have studio space. Those instructors usually have no choice but to charge more. I do feel like the services provided by yoga and other fitness professionals are worth every penny and then some due to the value of what they are providing. I just feel strongly about what I said above.

What do you think? Would you feel like you are getting less because you are paying less? Does this make you value the class less? Or at least make you skeptical about what kind of instruction you will be receiving? I’d love to hear your thoughts.will work for yoga

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