It’s technically still Fall and yet the temperature has been hovering around 20 degrees (f) and yesterday we had so much snow, area schools declared their first snow day of the 2019-2020 school year.

Numbers for weekly riding lessons have decreased (understandably and as usual) since summer. After the kids go back to school the lessons decrease. Then it starts to get dark earlier and then finally it starts to get cold….really cold. From now until March, lessons seem to be made up primarily of the horse crazy, riders who can’t bare to be away from horses and out of the saddle longer than a week (or two, tops!). These riders ignore cold body parts and pile on multiple layers of clothing to get that time with the animals they love.

I have to give a shout out to all those riders! Ana, Aubree, Emma, Madeline, Nicole and Olivia you ladies rock! You make it all so fun and I’m so proud to be your teacher.