I usually keep this stuff to myself. I try to just put out positivity, not to be inauthentic but, because the world has enough crap out there. This morning another thing was piled on to the mountain of emotions and pain I was feeling. It was a small thing by anyone’s standards, but after that was added my chest started hurting. I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath. My entire body hurt. I became very sad and anxious and I wanted to drink and just disappear. I don’t remember the last time I felt so lost and miserable. I didn’t drink or do anything to hurt myself but I put myself to bed. After a couple hours I got a text message and was asked to help put the horses in the barn. I helped and then went out to love on my horses a bit. I guess I’ve been so depressed and out of sorts I haven’t even wanted to see them and spend time with them. Anyway I stood with them and let them rub on me and I would rub their necks and shoulders. It wasn’t until I got back home that I noticed that when I was with the horses today was the only times all day that I had some relief from the pain in my chest. The anxiety was still in the background but it was much much less when I was with the horses. I am looking forward to a new schedule that should allow for more horse time.

Why is it so hard to do the things I know will make me feel better? Why is self care so hard when you need it the most?

It’s taken me several months and lots and lots of soul searching, (aka headaches for my husband because of having to listen to me go on and on about what I should and shouldn’t be doing) I have come to the decision to cut back on my yoga classes that I teach. I’m consolidating my classes so they are mostly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays (Sunday will be for special classes and workshops). Currently I’m spending as much time in the car driving to and from classes as I am actually teaching class.

Hopefully these changes will allow me to spend entire days at the farm for training, lessons, and hanging out with my family. This has been a very bittersweet decision. On one hand I’m going to miss my So Burlington chair yoga crew and my Lund ladies and on the other hand I’m really looking forward to spending more time with my horses and family.

Another change is that I became reiki 1&2 certified in the last two months. Hopefully with the new schedule I’ll be able to offer reiki treatments to people. I’m pretty excited about it.

Send me a message if you’d like to set up a private yoga class or reiki treatment. The first 20 people to email me get a free reiki treatment. I’ve already have a few signed up so you better hurry. 🙂


I posted this below on my Facebook page a few days ago and got a pretty big response:

The reason my yoga and other classes are so inexpensive is because I think EVERYONE should be able to do them if they want to. I don’t believe yoga should only be practiced by the wealthy and no one should go broke going to a class. I’d rather everyone feel like they can afford class and feel welcome in my class than have just a couple who can pay more.

You are not getting a lessor experience because you are only paying a few dollars. You are actually getting more because you are in a class with someone who cares so much more about you than the money.

I will say that I am very fortunate to be able to use class space for free basically. I have low overhead and I have another full time job and other side work to pay my bills. I know in some areas independent instructors, like myself, have to pay rent or have to split their income just to have studio space. Those instructors usually have no choice but to charge more. I do feel like the services provided by yoga and other fitness professionals are worth every penny and then some due to the value of what they are providing. I just feel strongly about what I said above.

What do you think? Would you feel like you are getting less because you are paying less? Does this make you value the class less? Or at least make you skeptical about what kind of instruction you will be receiving? I’d love to hear your thoughts.will work for yoga

Saturday March 31 I completed my YTT200 with 8 of my fellow yogis. We were the first graduating class for Story Yoga. The founder and trainer of Story Yoga, Teresa Wynne, had an amazing and empowering idea when she came up with this yoga teacher training. Give those in addiction recovery skills and connections to be yoga teachers. This causes a major ripple effect. She not only changed our lives but now she’ll be changing the lives of others through her recent graduates. We’ve all learned so much. I know I have learned so much more about myself. I am not sure I would have learned it anywhere else. Through svadhyaya (self-study) and the practice of yoga I plan on learning and growing even more. I owe so much to Teresa and Story Yoga. Everyday I am thankful!33118 Story Yoga YTT cert

Inspired by LOLĂ‹ Blog


3/4 c. water.

1/4 c. alcohol-free witch hazel or white vinegar (I used Thayers Rose Petal aloe Vera formula)
10 drops lavender essential oil.

3 drops Tea Tree essential oil.

Mix all together in spray bottle. Spray on mat after every use and wipe with a towel or cloth.