Meet the horses

Fergie (CNJS Painted Beauty)

2008 Paint Mare

Fergie is and has been the cornerstone of the lesson program. She has always been extraordinary in her friendliness and interest in people. Pretty much anyone who has ever taken a riding lesson with Hoss Equine has probably been on Fergie at least once. She is a favorite among the majority of riders. Even once they have had their hearts stolen by other horses, they always have a soft spot for Fergie.

Ernest’s Lil Amigo (Amigo)

Amigo was found by Amanda when he was approximately 4 years old. No one can seem to give a straight answer on his age or even breed. He’s a mustang something. He sure is something alright! He was intended to be trained and re-homed, BUT…He is named after Amanda’s grandfather Ernest, who said he shouldn’t be sold because he’ll be the best horse on the farm. So here he is over 10 years later and he will never ever leave Amanda’s care. He was used a lot in the beginning for lessons and now only does lessons for a select few since he is currently on lease.

Amigo loves his ladies, being fawned over and showing off. He is amazing on trails. He’s a nice little jumper and a very good beginner gymkhana horse. He’ll walk in and out of the ring quiet as a mouse and then turn on once you say go. He has a ton of personality and spunk. If you come to see him bring treats!

Knolltop’s Double Date (Kate)

2001 Morgan Mare