Re-working site…about me

My mission: To bring affordable, accessible fitness and yoga classes and wellness opportunities to all age groups in the community.

Due to the kindness of local schools, businesses and The Islands In The Sun for allowing me to use their buildings for free I am able to keep class costs for participants very low or even free (or by donation).



Lisenced to teach: STRONG by Zumba, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold-Toning, Zumba Kids & Kids Jr and POUND.

Yoga Shred (TM) trained.

Certified Reiki 2 practitioner.

I am so excited to hear from you and maybe see you in a class or at the farm!


072115 martell rd

Meet Amanda:

Amanda has always been a pretty active person but never into group classes or regular exercise. She got seriously into horses in 2006 where she got plenty of exercise cleaning stalls, grooming and working with and riding horses. In 2013 Amanda no longer had stalls to clean or the ability to ride after work, so after many many months of being asked to join her friend at Zumba, she finally went. Amanda fell in love with it on the spot. It appealed to her long dormant party girl. She loved everything about it; the loud music, the dance moves, the fitness aspects and the amazing feeling of moving your body for an hour and being drenched in sweat. From October to March she never missed a class. She looked up everything she could find on youtube on zumba and would dance at home.

In March 2014 Amanda went to a B1 training to become a licensed Zumba instructor. April 1st she taught her first class in Isle La Motte VT. Amanda went on to also become licensed in Zumba Gold, Toning, Gold-Toning, Zumba Kids and Kids Jr and took other trainings to improve and expand upon her zumba instructor skills. After taking the Zumba Gold training Amanda reached out to the people at the newly renovated senior center in her town, The Islands In The Sun, to see if anyone would be interested in that format. They were and starting teaching there changed Amanda’s life. She went from teaching one zumba gold class a week to 3 and then back down to 1 again when she started training for half and full marathons. The people she met through teaching at The Islands In The Sun have become her friends, her people, her support and encouragement team.

In 2016 Amanda was asked by the activity director of The Islands In The Sun if she could teach yoga because she had been told there was interest in having those classes there. Amanda had been taking yoga classes for years and was taking an online yoga teacher course at the time. She said she’d give it a try once she completed the training. Her first yoga class at the center started in September 2016. She was so nervous but she kept the flows simple and easy to follow. It just grew from there. Amanda devoured everything she could on teaching yoga until she was finally able to get into a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). She completed her YTT in March 2018. Throughout all this Amanda has started teaching kids yoga classes, chair yoga classes and yin yoga classes. Chair yoga has been her biggest class since she started it, having almost 30 people in class at a time.

Late Summer 2018 brought about some big and tough changes. Amanda suffered from major burn out on all fronts. She finally decided to stop teaching Strong and Zumba and to give her body a much needed break. She continued to teach all the yoga classes and give horseback riding lessons. Some people were very supportive of Amanda during this difficult time and others were not. Amanda’s favorite quote is ” you can’t pour from an empty glass” so she decided if she wanted to continue to help others she had to help herself.

Amanda is enrolled in an 300 hour yoga teacher training which started December 2018.

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